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Helping You Afford Off Road Wheels & Tires

From the snow storms in the East, to the rain storms in the West. There’s nothing like handling winter weather in your 4 wheel drive Chevy Silverado or Ford F150. And nothing looks better on your truck than big beefy all terrain tires!

We know Off Road Wheels & Tires can get expensive, that’s why we offer the industry’s best flexible buying programs.

Using our Rent to Own program, you would have up to 52 weeks to pay off your wheels and tires. If you’re able to pay your balance in full after 90 days, you’ll receive 50% off your remaining balance.

Our most popular program is our 90 Days Same As Cash program. With this program you’ll have up to 90 days (12 weeks) to pay off your wheels & tires at our cash price. This is by far a solid chance to spread the cost of your wheels and tires across 3 months without incurring any additional cost. #90DaysSAC

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Nitto: On the Road or Off

Weather you’re on the road or off, Nitto tires provide great looks and great durability. Now one of best selling brands in high performance tires, Nitto has a tire that will handle any tire need you may have.

Check out this Dodge Ram 3500 featuring Nitto Tires from our Pasadena, TX location.

Give the store a call at (713) 920-2610 or get more information here

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