The Word – Yelp Reviews – Texas

12/28/2011 – Vivian W. –  Al Johnson is a very well-mannered and polite person. They are a good tire store and help me out with my every need.

12/26/2011 – Corey M. – I am a 4 month customer and the customer service is awesome they are friendly always there when I need help. If I had to do it all over again I would go to the same place and deal with the same people. Keep it up Rent A Tire and you will keep the customers coming in. Thanks Corey M.


12/23/2011 – Teddy J. – I have been a customer of rent a tire for a year. I am very impressed with the quality of service I have received. The assistant has helped me each time I have come in no matter how busy they are he will take a moment to speak to you. He even comes back to check on you they offer the best service in the wheel and tire industry in Dallas Texas.


12/23/2011 – Latanya R. – I am very satisfied with the purchase of my new wheels and tires that I purchased at rent a tire. I would personally recommend this business to all my friends and family. I especially enjoyed doing business with the assistant manager Alfonsa Johnson, as he was so pleasant to talk to. He was very knowledgeable and very concerned about me enjoying my new purchase. If there’s anybody out there in need of some new wheels and tires, I strongly recommend you go to the location on Garland rd.

8/28/2011 – Latonya R. – hi my name is Latonya Roberts I visited your location on garland road although I did not purchase my wheels yet the staff was very friendly and helpful the mgr. AL was very knowledgeable I will be back in two weeks to get my rims.

Miss Roberts


12/23/2011 – Jose P. – I am a first time owner of custom wheels. Rent A Tire walked me through every step of the way with great patience. I am extremely satisfied with the level of ongoing service that I receive every time I visit them. I have recommended them to several of my friends and family.

Jose Perez


10/19/2011- Tavion S. – I’m so happy Andrea is back that store is nowhere without her she is the best I hope so gets well fast and don’t leave anymore your customers need you welcome back


10/17/2011 – DeVoria H. – Al and Sam at the Rent A Tire in Garland were very nice and professional. Sam explains to me the details of my tires (because I need new tires soon) and took the time to offer his assistance to me to see if I had any questions. Al wasn’t in a hurry and he took the time to explain when I need to come back for Balance/Rotation. They were very nice and friendly. I was really happy with their service.

Thank you Al and Sam for being very helpful…..

8/30/2011 – Keo H. – The service was great and they helped me find everything that I needed and gave me excellent customer service. The wheels I needed were not in the store and they traveled and found the wheels I requested. Can’t get better than that. Thank you.


8/11/2011 – Marcus P. – Andrea is the best….Gave me a great deal on wheels and tires!


8/10/2011 – Chance S. – Andrea was very nice, gave us a great deal on wheels and tires……


8/10/2011 – Vincent M. – LUV MY FALKEN TIRES rent-a-tire, yall are da best..! ANDREA UR DA BEST…


7/16/2011 – Daryl W. – If you need any tires or rims, you must, no; you do it to yourself to go to the rent a tire on garland rd. The people there are the best they treat you like one of their family. You will leave with a smile on your face. Whatever you need, they got and if they don’t .They’ll find’em for you. Just asked for Andrea and she’ll take care of you. She has been very helpful and understanding throughout our business. I tell all my friends about rent a tire on garland rd. Check them out, I bet you’ll love them.


7/8/2011 – Erika G. – Great service, thank you Andrea!!


7/8/2011 – T Y. – I’ve been hearing about Rent a Tire for years. But the time has come that my daughter is 19. I just bought her a car and she wanted wheels now. We heard some good and some bad things about it so I had my daughter look it up. After looking over the reviews my daughter said this is the one DAD.I call 1st not happy with the call there was a lady answer I did not understand what she was saying and she did not offer any information I hung up told my daughter keep looking. We want wheels so bad called back there was a different lady that give all the info and said she had some 20’s that a 19 year old see in her dreams I liked that still upset about the 1st call I just didn’t understand how could someone be answering the phone and I don’t know anything still my daughter pushes for this I OK but this will be addressed I’m real upset this point my daughter just don’t understand. We get there greeting good a lady say hi and tells my daughter happy birthday and the 20’s are waiting just for her told her before we look at anything I would like to speak with the manager she let me no very quickly that she was Andrea the store manager I then told her what happen she apologized explain to me what happen I felt real bad because my plain was to let my daughter see this was not the place for us but I was very wrong Andrea(sm) was great we love the wheels my daughter was on cloud 9.One thing I can say about Ms. Andrea(sm) she turn this nightmare around quick and very easy on the eyes also big plus. And when we was leaving she said Mr. Young the same site you found us on you can leave a review as well I told her are you sure that’s what you want she yes Sir good or bad she wanted people to know about her store. And I walked out Andrea(sm) came to the door called my daughter by her name and told her to have a safe and happy birthday. You can’t be mad Thank You Ms. Andrea (sm) I was just hot I’m sorry for being so rude not sure how she kept her cool with me I was really on one my daughter was mad at me for acting like that. We Thank You stay strong.


7/2/2011 – Irvin P. – First let me say ; THANKS ANDREA! I do not say that lightly. Over the years go to this store and see manager come and go, go and go. It’s great to see one that is the foundation of Rent a Tire, She is the only REASON I keep come back. I have a store (Rent a tire) 5 minute from my house, I must say I did go in there and yes they had more rims, but the customer service and the employee knowledge was less. Like what rim will fit better on your car. Thank again Andrea for all your help I know I was a little hard to deal with at 1st because I had a special rim in mind.
I am glad to tell everyone I know or don’t know about Andrea and Rent a Tire.
Would I like to see some changes at the store, yes, but that being said. Andrea and she group are TEAM PLAYERS. I will be back for my 5 sets of tire & rim (20 9.0 5-112). Also, I almost forgot, Andrea was on vacation and I need help with my account, she was there for me, on the case fix the issue (not my liking, but business is business)…. Thanks Andrea for having Integrity


7/1/2011 – Cheryl C. – Thank you Andrea for all your help I know I was a little hard to deal with at 1st but you are right change is good and having that Road Hazard stuff was the best thing for me I wanna say Thank you Thank you because a blow and 200.00 is now not an option I just want to let everyone know you my say Rent A Tire prices are too high. But tell me where can you get these kind of perks 90 same as cash flat repair and 3 year coverage on your tires when you pay them off…..I didn’t think so Thanks Andrea and the road hazard people. There is no other way for me. C.C.


6/21/2011 – Andrew and Natasha – Andrea is a blessing!!! We started our search for rims & tires at another Rent-A-Tire location and left due to the service wasn’t inviting at all. We went home and got online and found this Garland Rd location and received great service!! I submitted an inquiry online and received a call from Andrea within five (5) minutes. She invited us out & was very nice and knowledgeable about the selection they had and the mechanics were great. They all got my husband & I in & out with no hesitation. They have found customers for life with us.


6/16/2011 – Amanda G. – Andrea is the best she always helps me with everything I need!!!!! Andrea knows her stuff and I will keep sending our customers to her cause I know she will take care of them


6/16/2011 – David C. – This place is great. I got some great rims for my Impala at a great deal all thanks to Andrea and Al. Al helped me pick out a set of rims that would fit my car perfect and look great. Andrea was very helpful with the paperwork and processed the paperwork fast. This place has gained a lifelong customer will be getting my business and my friends business as well.

Thank you Rent-A-Tire on Garland Rd


6/14/2011 – The U. – The people at the front counter are the best very friendly and down to earth. But the guys who mount the tires are VERY slow.


6/13/2011 – Margie W. – Great people on Garland Rd my family has been dealing with Rent A Tire for years several location we started at Rent A Wheel in California we move to Texas 5 years ago we been to the store on Buckner, Josey Ln and for the past 2 years Garland Rd only problem I have is they keep changing people…. The new crew is different the store is ran by a women my husband and I thought that was different but it nice we love the way we are treated much different from before there all so very funny and up beat although the guy who does the wheels a wee bit slow this crew keeps you going. Thanks a lot Rent a Tire You have a life time with us. The Wright Family


12/3/2011 – Juaquin P. – I went to this Rent a tire to purchase some rims for my son, their staff is GREAT!!! , everyone was friendly and helpful, Krystal answered all my questions and explained everything in detailed, I rented some previous used wheels, when they finished putting on the rims on the car, I noticed 2 had a slight bend in them, Krystal called the manager Taron Reed who took very good care of the problem by going over and beyond to order a new set of wheels to keep a customer happy. I will definitely go back and recommend this place to all my friends,


10/1/2011 – James S. – I was very pleased with the service I got at this store, the manager Taron
Reed has great customer service skills and was pleasant to work with and he also has a great crew. I will be recommending this store to everyone who needs tire or wheels.


9/12/2011 – Paul U. – Great customer service, low down to drive off….. And the overall selling price for brand new Rims and Tires is second to none. Talk to your man Travon great salesman!!


9/7/2011 – Mayra L. – Hi my name is Kassandra Lopez and my parents went to Rent A Tire yesterday 10 minutes before closing and The Store Manager was so awesome, he took the time to help my parents out, my mom’s tires where no good anymore and she needed new ones to be able to get to her job tomorrow and they helped her out without rejections, Thanks Rent A Tire #4 love u guys, Customer Service was A Plus I recommend everyone to visit and do business with them, I know for a fact no place is better than this location….


9/6/2011 – Cheryl W. – I recently purchased a new set of tires from Rent A Tire and have had nothing but a great experience with this company. They have great customer service and have met all of my needs since I’m new to purchasing tires from a company like this. Besides having a large quantity of tire and rims to choose from, the location is convenient also. Thanks Rent A Tire.


9/2/2011 – Krysten G. – This place is so friendly & actually pretty quick for how busy they get! They get you what you want & get you in and get you out fast. Orlando and Teron are very nice and help with whatever you need. They have some good customer service unlike some other places I have been too. and on the plus side…..they have some bomb ass rims/tires !


9/2/2011 – T-Baby W. – What can I say……nothing but I just LOVE the peeps at this location. Yes some of us done had our moments but hey these people have to do their job. They are very kind hearted and go by their word on willing if they feel the need of honesty is given to them. That is what I call a good customer service as well as another part family. I would recommend this location to anyone who need or want some GREAT roll on wheels/rims.


8/29/2011 – Calvin F. – When I got my first set of 22″ rims to go on my 96 Cadillac Deville, Rent a Tire was there for me. They had low prices that fitted within my budget and my means. I was able to pay my rims off within the 90 days of starting my contract with them. The store employees were friendly and very courteous…I enjoyed dealing with the company so much that I had to go back as a returning customer to purchase me a set of 24″ rims that I now have on my 72 Chevy Caprice….Thank you Taron, Cindy, Orlanda, and Heather over at the Rent A Tire location off of E. Lancaster in Fort Worth, TX.

Greatly appreciated for your fast and friendly service…and yes we will be returning for a 3rd time for a set of 26″ rims :-)…….

Thanks :-)……….u have earned a set of true customers here!!

Calvin and Yolanda Ford

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8/24/2011 – Thomas D. – I got my first set of 22′ tires and rims. The store has a big selection of tires and rims. The people in the store were very nice and helpful. I was very pleased with the service I received. I would recommend them to everybody.

For fast friendly service ask for Taron or Orlando.


Thomas Delaney


8/24/2011 – Ali T. – Wow… talk about service and great prices!!!

So, when I first bought my rims here, the ones I wanted weren’t at this specific location, but they did have another set that I really liked.
They offered to explain details about my rims, tires, bundles, etc.

After a while of some educating I found out what would be the right bundle for me. Taron Reed the manager who is by far the best when it comes to customer service helped me out with everything to meet my needs.

Less than an hours’ time my rims and tires were on my Honda Accord and I can def say he help me make the right choice at the right price of course.

A couple of months later I had axle problems and tire problems due to an accident and I came back to the store to see if it was covered under my warranty but it didn’t so I had to purchase 2 more tires. Now again I dealt with Taron and told him that I knew someone who can get me the tires cheaper at a different competitor well again Taron offered me a deal I couldn’t have pass so I purchase 2 more tires there with fast waiting time on my installation.

Today I finished off my payments with the one and only Taron and he assured me any future needs he will take care of it. I been in the customer service and sales industry for 5+ years and I know how everything works and I can assure anybody who visits that store will get A1 customer service and will not feel pressure towards anything.

Taron has been the most helpful and all of the employees at this Lancaster location I most def Recommend anybody who wants service, price, and happiness to come see them.



8/22/2011 – Tanesha R. – When I made the decision to rent rims and tires I decided to visit Rent a Tire, store #4. I was referred by a good friend and they told me about the wonderful staff and programs that they were offering. Its only been a month since I began renting my items but there has not been a time when the service did not exceed my expectations.

I was very pleased with the service that I received. I am a very hard person to please but the way they took care of me was great. I appreciate good customer service and the fact that those two, Orlando and Taron, were so knowledgeably and helpful made my experience even better!!!

Thank Rent A Tire. Kudos!!


8/21/2011 – Wanda L. – Good Afternoon, I’m Wanda Lay have been going to store #4 for a while and ever since I have been going, I have had no problems. First with Heather who I miss seeing her face and smile and also Taron. Now that I have met Terry and Orlando you have all wonderful and friendly people. Wish that there were more like them. Whenever I go, I have no problems with whatever I need. Keep up the good work fellows.


8/21/2011 – Willie D. – Hello! My name is Willie Dupree and I am a customer at this location, store #4. I have gone to the location on several occasions and spoken with Orlando and also Taron. They were very helpful with everything that I needed. There need to be more people at the location like them. I would just like to thank them for all of their help.


8/13/2011 – Crystal A. – went to the store for a tire for my charger and I receive the best customer service from a gentlemen by the name of Bill Baily they need more people like him there .THX AGAIN 4 YOUR HELP


7/26/2011 – Jennifer M. – I went by this location recently looking for wheels to fit my Charger, and was surprised by the selection that was available in the store! I was given all the right information I needed to get into my wheels right when I walked in! I am SOOO happy I chose this location to get my wheels at! THANKS RENT A TIRE!!! 😀


6/17/2011 – C M. – If you’re looking to purchase tires and wheels the Rent a Tire on Josey Ln is where you want to go. They have the BEST customer service I’ve ever experience. No matter what my question or concerns were they are always willing to go the extra mile explain and take care of my needs. Not only are the guys in the bay great the girls that work inside are WONDERFUL especially the little red head. They are all friendly and smiling each and every time I step through the door. Thank you so much for making my first experience a good one!!!



8/12/2011 – An N. – All guy in a rent a tire is number they are helpful and happy all-time please came to that rent a tire now an this 2466 Jacksboro hwy fort worth TX 761114 number 1


8/1/2011 – Naomi C. – The guys at rent a tire are very helpful, they get you in and out and make sure it’s done right. Definitely the place to go for anything you need for your wheels.


7/30/2011 – Jessica N. – I’ve gotten 2 sets of rims and tires.. The staff in the store is so helpful. Answered any and all questions I may have had. They made the best suggestions to meet the look I was going for on my vehicle. If anyone is looking to get wheels and tires or either or I recommend for everyone to go down to Rent a Tire on Jacksboro Hwy.


12/5/2011 – Shanna P. – I have gotten all my rims and tires here, on all my vehicles. I would highly recommend using them.


11/1/2011 – Gordon L. – National tire and battery and discount tire lied to us after we went thru 3 sets of tires with both nasty businesses. Had decent credit but called rent a wheel in Arlington-went down made us a great deal for us did installation and told us the previous tires we purchased elsewhere did not match wheel! Thanks to all the staff at the Arlington site. We love you and a fantastic job from start to finish! Lamberts


10/26/2011 – Renae H. – Great Company! I went to Goodyear prior to going to this company and they told me I needed a complete new tire. When I went to rent a tire they told me the truth. Turns out I only needed my air valve replaced and the district manager did it for me for free! I will go back to this company whenever possible for my tire needs


8/16/2011 – Charles M. – I have been getting my tires through Rent-A-Tire for several years and every time they continue to exceed my expectations! Everyone in the store is very nice and they all know me by name. I’ve sent all of my friends their way, and the best part is…Rent A Tire PAYS ME for it! I definitely give them my 5-stars!


8/11/2011 – Ryan S. – I was very pleased with the service that I received. I am a very hard person to please but the way they took care of me and my husband was great. I appreciate good customer service especially when I call people like sprint and my electric company and get transferred all over the world taking to non-Americans. Thank Rent A Tire. Kudos!!


6/30/2011 – Calvin R. – Great product, good customer service, quick work, I have been a customer for 9 yrs and it’s the only place I buy rims


12/13/2011 – Gayland M. – Will recommend everyone I know to rent a tire…. Very very helpful and friendly…. Best customer service I’ve seen in a long time!!!! Wow


10/20/2011 – Daniel L. – This is the only place I go to get my wheels done. Number one customer service and always willing to help out when in need. Check this place out and I promise you will not be let down. Go talk to Cecil, Nicole, and Maria.


9/13/2011 – Keshia T. – My experience at Rent a Tire was a PLEASANT one! My husband and I went in and the staff immediately waited on us. They were very helpful and much too informative, WHICH IS A GREAT THING, if you don’t know much about tires, rims, or sensors! I, myself, would have never thought about going to Rent a Tire to get wheels for my vehicle….. But I did and it’s not all what I assumed! The crew there is awesome and professional! I’m very pleased with my new wheels!


8/30/2011 – La M. – CAROLINA solo queria comentar sobre mi experiencia con rent a tire de irving tx, realmente se puede llegar a un acuerdo para poder tener los rines y llantas de tus suenos, son personas confiables y muy agradable al momento de llegar a una negociacion, hablan espanol y entienden a la comunidad latina por que son latinos. gracias a carlos y todo su equipo que son preocupados por sus clientes. si se te rompe una llanta van hasta el lugar y te lo reparan, donde consigues ese sercicio?

totalmente les recomiendo que vallan y que confien en rent a tire de irving tx.



8/12/2011 – Juan D. – I’ve done business with this location several times and every time I’m pleased. Ask for Casper and Maria when you go in. Great location!


8/11/2011 – Cynder H. – I have done business with Rent A Tire for three years now and they are by far the best. They are always kind, fun, and they get you the rims and tires you want. If they don’t have the item you prefer they will do their best to get it for you. I refer anyone I can to them.


8/11/2011 – Jahn E. – This place is great, very friendly staff! Very helpful in helping me find the right wheels and tires!


7/15/2011 – Brian J. – What a nice crew, very knowledgeable, and very friendly.


7/15/2011 – Angela C. – The 90-day same as cash program is very convenient and they have a great selection of wheels.


7/14/2011 – Trinidad S. – Very good customer service, will continue to do business with them, and will recommend my friends and family to go to Irving location to get new wheels and tires.


7/14/2011 – Marie G. – Attentive customer service and great selection. Highly recommended!


12/19/2011 – Richard S. – Not only is this a great place to get some deals on rims and tires …the overall experience and customer service is phenomenal. The manager (I think his name is Anthony) treats everyone like family even if you don’t buy anything. I would recommend this location to my friends and family…….check it out!!


10/27/2011 – Shekilla W. – I was just going in to check if they sold regular passenger tires and ended up rolling away on some 20s. They had great customer service, very polite, and very helpful. I would recommend this store to anyone who’s looking to hook-up their ride!


10/19/2011 – Jeremy S. – The customer service was GREAT…I went in for some rims and tires and felt right at home… I plan on going back very soon and I refer all my friends and family there and they also have nothing but good things to say about that store. The store manager Anthony helped me out and gave me the best deal possible.


10/18/2011 – Justin R. – well I can say I always gone to other rent a tires and out of all I’ve been to the one on Bandera rd. is the best…I mean there customer service is excellent, and the employees there treat you like your family not a number… the manager really took care of all my questions and made sure I understood everything did not start w/me and left me to his employees…I would recommend this place to my friends and family member due to the customer service and there employees….thanks rent a tire for a great experience….



9/15/2011 – Mone J. – Shante was very professional and has good customer service


8/10/2011 – Kendrick C. – Well since I been a customer with Rent -A -Tire , my experience there has been very great they treated me like family showed me love on times I couldn’t make a payment if you ask me I would tell you to choose Rent -A -Tire specifically @ Camp Wisdom ask for Dee Brown or my girl Keep


7/5/2011 – Vincent P. – To all of the staff @ store 13, I would like to thank all of you for your great service through the years of my 15 years. To d brown and cedric lee, thank you guys for helping me out. Continue success!!!!!!


12/27/2011 – Tamora C. – I wanted to do something for myself for Christmas. So I stopped by Rent a Tire. The young man by the name of Ralph greeted us, and devoted all of his attention to taking me. I picked out some Rims. And of course me being a woman. I picked the wrong size. The service men put the correct size on, and allowed me to go back, and look at my car. It was really nice. I immediately fell in love with the new look of my vehicle. We did the paperwork. He made sure I understood everything, and I drove off feeling really happy.


11/11/2011 – Rod R. – Wow these guys are great! They deliver fast and friendly service and they make you feel comfortable. Every time I step thru the door they address me by name, which gives a wholesome appeal. If u need to get rimmed up, these are your people.


10/18/2011 – Carey S. – Tyler store is excellent! Clean and professional. Perfect sales people and customer service as well as great products and hard to beat prices! Thanks Mr. Butcher and the gang for putting my burban on deuce deuces. I will be back and I will be sending people your way! Thanks again for the great products and excellent service with a great sense of humor! 5 stars all the way across from me. Seeya next time.


7/19/2011 – Ken F. – The staff at Rent A Tire was very professional and friendly. I really appreciate the great service!

Ken F.
Dallas, TX


7/6/2011 – David F. – They were great, like tony the tiger I would recommend them to anybody I know great staff……………!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


6/30/2011 – Vieras R. – Service was outstanding!!! The staff was friendly and efficient! The gentlemen who helped me B.J. was courteous and knowledgeable as I purchased 22’s for my vehicle!!!


11/29/2011 – Mercedes M. – great customer service great deals fight to say yes ten times before saying no once


8/13/2011 – Irene M. – Just moved here from California, needed tires and rims came in got what I needed, fast friendly service offered 90 days same as cash worked out great! been back a few times nail in tire repaired in and out service ,would recommend RENT A TIRE to anyone who needs a great place for fast friendly service thanks again,


8/11/2011 – Ryan S. – good service hot rims and good deals


8/10/2011 – CJ Y. – I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for rims or tires. The customer service was amazing. The store manager really helped me on finding the right wheels that fit my wants and my price range. Everyone was helpful and very nice. I am a customer for life!!!


7/22/2011 – Vickey E. – I love my rent a tire guys they are great people. So if u need some new rims look my boys at rent a tire George that’s my guy ask for him he will hook you up with the newest look.



6/20/2011 – Tammy S. – I came in needing just tires for my minivan. Although they didn’t have them in stock they ordered them and still got them in the same day. Very easy and low payment plan which was good because I didn’t have the cash to pay for a set of tires all at once. Thank you rent a tire


9/21/2011 – Cassandra A.  – The guys there are great, I’ve gotten several wheels and tires from them and I’ve never had any complaints, they are very helpful and always get me what I’m looking for at great wkly payments. Very recommended to all who don’t have cash up front to buy wheels like me!


9/12/2011 – P B.  – Driving east out of el Paso, blew a tire on the RV. Victor the salesman answered the phone, got the tires, and got me on my way quickly and easily. Good prices too…


8/8/2011 – Ashley L. – I was a previous customer about two years ago and the service and staff were decent, nothing to jump for joy about! So after I paid my rims off I didn’t go back. I recently got a new car and wanted wheels for it so I went back to see what they could do for me. Half of the staff were new and they have a great new Store Manager! He helped me out and found me something that looked great on my car and that I could actually afford without struggling to pay them. The salesmen even went so far as to pull 3 different rims to put on my car just so I could see which one I would really like the most. I would definitely do busy with them again!!!!


12/28/2011 – Christopher C. – The service was great and it was fast and painless. No drilling you or giving you a hassle very friendly. Chris, Joe, and Cynthia were great….


8/25/2011 – Mr S. – I just recently purchased 22’s for my Mercedes this weekend. These guys where very helpful. I called ahead of time to let them know I was on my way because I was short on time. They didn’t have what I was looking for but they went above the call of duty and went and got a set that were in their warehouse. I was able to get back to work in the time span that I needed too and they made sure I was satisfied. Once my vehicle was finished they pulled my car up right by the door handed me my keys and even took a picture for the “Wall of Fame”. The manager even gave me his personal cell phone if I had any concerns. This store really cares about the customer and has made me very happy. All my friends now know where to go for some rims!


8/25/2011 – Me M. – This store has completely changed, there are a lot of new people that really look like they enjoy what they are doing. I went in last weekend to see if they had any new rims and I ended up leaving with a NICE set of 22’s for my car. Not only did the sales lady help me but she explained everything as if I was a new customer. I have done business with this store a couple of times and NEVER knew that I get free rotation and flat repairs. I really think this store is moving on to bigger and better things.



12/28/2011 – Lovely W. – I’ve been doing business with this Rent A Tire/Wheel since 2010 and I appreciate the friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff, large inventory in-store and more through vendor ordering and cleanliness of the shop. This shop has high volume of business, visit earlier in the day unless you have some extra time on your hands. The staff at this shop are courteous and knowledgeable about tire and wheel proper fit and conditions due to road hazards. During the summer time you can catch radio stations promoting and supporting the shop, ladies you may get a pedi gift certificate. As a female I know I can get an honest answer about my wheels and tires, alignment and my account. I have purchases two sets of wheels and two sets of tires from this location. I never had any issues with my account being compromised or payment amounts, the staff or quality of work for my maintenance on my tires and wheels. I recommend you visit and purchase from this Rent A Tire/Wheel for your new and/or next wheel and tire purchase! Tell them Lovely sent you!


12/20/2011 – Julia F. – I must say this is a wonderful place to go to buy rims and tires for your vehicle. The staff members are very polite and respectful. When I first got my car, I decided I wanted to put rims on it. I went in there with good intentions of getting a set for my car. I went in not knowing anything about rims and tires. Right as I walked in, I was asked if I could be help with something. They started explain what size was best for my car and the tires that went with it. They had a very nice selection to choose from. I found a set I loved for my car. They explained the payment process and how to fill out the application. I came back the next day with everything I needed and I left with the rims I wanted for my car. I would recommend everyone who need or wants rims or tires to go there.

10/27/2011 – Monica H. – This place gets 4 stars for each badass looking tire, plus another for making my dad’s old work truck less embarrassing to drive. I went in looking for regular old replacement tires, but after talking to the sales guys about different options for my truck, I finally decided on bigger, all terrain tires and some shiny black rims – truck is black, so it matched…there’s some girly thinking for you, haha.

I’ve never really shopped for tires on my own, so it was a little overwhelming seeing all the flashy, giant rims they have on display. Bolt patterns and offsets?!? Total gibberish, so I really appreciated them taking the time to explain everything. Even after adding rims to my “tires only” reason for going in, I got a pretty good deal compared to other places I’d been to. The shop/waiting area was really clean and the staff were goofy and entertaining.

Not gonna lie, my ancient truck looks totally different and kind of awesome and menacing now that it’s all blacked out. High five Rent a Tire!


10/18/2011 – Latoya J. – The guys at Rent a tire treated me with respect and dignity, their great customer service resulted in a focused unified team of individuals all working to satisfy me as a customer. They are informed of all their products and do their best to provide greater service to customers. Rudy, the manager maintains a professional and respectful attitude with his colleagues and customers at all times even during times of pressure or when dealing with difficult customers.


9/2/2011 – James K. – Stopped in to this location after having a rather rude experience at the Rent A Tire in Waco. Wanted to give the company another chance,, boy am I glad I did. The staff was awesome, helpful, took the time to discuss and offer different solutions. They didn’t try to oversell or undersell a perfect thing in my book.

I highly suggest you give these folks a shot at your tire/rim business, easy payment plans, and several choices on payment plans, incredible selections and value!

James, Waco, TX


8/31/2011 – Nina R. – I don’t have my wheels with them but my boyfriend does.(I usually make the payments for him) I really like this place and the people are really helpful and nice. We had a flat tire and we thought they would try to jerk us around (knowing how other places are in Killeen) Not only did the fixed the problem they actually replaced the tire because they said the tire couldn’t be repaired. (My boyfriend actually told me the tire shouldn’t be fixed but he expected them to try and do it anyways) I’m sure when we are done with my boyfriend’s set I’ll get a set of my own. Rudy and Vincent are always really helpful and know us by our faces which make it better.


7/30/2011 – Jeff T. – I really like the guys up here at this Rent a Tire store. I came in not knowing what I wanted for my girl’s car and they pointed me in the right direction. I am so happy with my purchase and can’t wait to pay these off and get a set for my own car. When you go in there see my boy BIG V.


11/29/2011 – Buda N. – I have rented two sets of tire and rims from Pete in the last couple years. I have had good service and no complaints on the merchandise. The guys at this rims shop have been very helpful in choosing rims and the purchase program works well for me. If you want name brand rims and great service I recommend you see these guys!


11/21/2011 – John J. – I went in to get some tires and I talk to Larry and Tim. The tires were not in stock but they done a great job to find them and get the tires there as soon as they could. They are awesome and I will defiantly use them again. By john jemerson


11/21/2011 – LaShondra J. – I am a new member of the Rent-A-Tire family and boy let me tell you. These guys are AWESOME!!!! Every one of them, starting from Tim to Larry are very well versed with knowledge about what tires and rims will look good and are best suited for your specific vehicle. Larry and Tim will exhaust all options to make sure YOU as a customer DO NOT feel that you are getting taken for your $$$, and I really appreciated that more than anything. I got 18’s and will be going back for 20’s. Rent-A-Tire has my love and support ALWAYS!!!!


11/17/2011 – Currissa G. – I just got new rims on my car and I must say the service was great. They worked with me on finding what I wanted and the installation was quick and thorough. I will definitely refer more people here.


8/10/2011 – Chris R. – wanna say thanks to the guys at the store pulled in at 6:45 and they stayed until all 4 tires were replaced mounted and balanced even dressed the tires up with tire shine will be going back safe to say I’m a rent a tire customer THANK YOU RAY Store Manager


10/19/2011 – Benjamin E. – Outstanding service I recommend this place to anybody that is looking for good tires and rims at an affordable price. The service is great .they try to work with you and get you into whatever you want.. They have a customer for life…. Thanks Rent A Tire…


10/19/2011 – Antonio M. – Good job


6/17/2011 – Juan D. – I went with a friend to this store to help him pick rims for his car and Antonio the manager helped us out and set him up on 90 day same as cash! Great service.


12/17/2011 – Jessica V. – Great service


6/17/2011 – Juan D. – I purchased a set of 35inch tires and wheels from Sal, so far so good! The employees seem great and they had me in and out of there in no time.


8/26/2011 – Vivian S. – Since I have been a customer with. Rent a tire I have. Had so many compliment on my. Vehicle the employees are very friendly and patient with me and being a woman that says a lot any problems. I may have had they have always gone out of. There way to assist me I have recommended my daughter to purchase rims and tires for her Impala Chevrolet and let me tell u. it looks clean lookin she loves her car even more thank you keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!


10/13/2011 – Betty Bail Bonds G. – The employees are always nice and friendly. The service is great you are always in and out, you don’t have to wait that long unlike other places.


10/1/2011 – Monica T. – Went in and the employees are very nice, friendly n fast at customer service. The manager helped me out with my tires.


7/9/2011 – Marie R. – Very helpful and friendly staff.


9/5/2011 – Janet P. – Great experience at Rent A Tire! Affordable tires, quick and same day install, friendly staff, EXCELLENT customer service, and very helpful in answering all my questions. I definitely recommend Rent A Tire for all your tire and rim needs!


9/2/2011 – Selah C. – My experience with Rent A Tire has been awesome thus far! They offer great customer service and are always willing to help as well as answer any questions I may have. I am very pleased with the speed of service and they have always made sure that everything is running smoothly with my new tires. Even when I accidentally got flat tires due to nails, running over sharp objects, etc., they have always been quick to resolve my issue and have gotten me back on the road in no time! The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming! I will definitely continue to do business with them and I highly recommend them to others who are in the market for new tires!

– Sel


8/25/2011 – Anthony G. – Rent a tire was one of the best things that happened to my car. Not only did I get great customer service and prices but I got some of the best looking rims and tires I could find for my ride. It’s hard not stopping by there just to check out the new list of rims or special they got going on.


9/5/2011 – Lorenzo H. – Rent a Tire in Harlingen is the store and the only store to get rims and tires at a cheaper price than any other store in the Valley. With great customer service and employees who actually want to help you with a smile they also have this awesome payment plan for those on a tight budget and let you ride of with new rims or tires nobody else does that for you. Stop by rent a tire and you’ll see for your self


11/21/2011 – Maggie F. – I experienced great customer service at this facility. All the staff greeted me with a smile and was very attentive and friendly.


12/1/2011 – Jeanette D. – Great experience and fast service… thanks guys


8/12/2011 – Andrea T. – After toying around with the idea of buying new tires for my factory rims or upgrading to new rims and tires, I decided to go with the rent a tire. I telephoned on a Thursday afternoon and spoke with Nyles; he was efficient, affable, and educated about the process. I told him I was heading to Kansas City that same weekend and needed new tires and wanted rims. He told me what to bring to the store…my husband took that information and went, as I was at work. He picked out rims and tires and they were mounted the following morning and I was able to pick up my truck shortly thereafter. I am elated at the ease of purchase and with the awesome staff! Niles and Todd are amazing at what they do, coupled with their awesome attitudes the process could not have gone smoother!

If you live in Austin and are considering upgrading the shoes on your whip then I highly recommend making rent-a-tire your first stop. You too can rent to own name brand rims and tires to fit your lifestyle and your budget!


8/4/2011 – Kristin C. – What a wonderful place with wonderful people! I seriously thought the world was conspiring against me today when I woke up to find an almost completely flat tire. I rushed to the gas station to air it up so I could at least drive someplace to get it fixed. However, upon airing up the tire, I realized that the air intake valve / whatever it’s called, was literally the source of the leak… it was almost detached! So, needless to say, the tire was hissing air out again.

I panicked and ended up at Rent-A-Tire at the suggestion of the Groovy Lube staff.

The staff here was excellent! They fixed my tire immediately (seriously, I was there less than 20 mins!) and did so with excellent customer service. They staff was very nice and knowledgeable, and they even gave me a discount!

They made what, by all accounts should have been a very very bad morning, much much better. I highly recommend them. You won’t be upset or disappointed. Promise.


7/9/2010 – Felicia I. – You lose the key to the locking lug nuts of your car wheels. After looking absolutely everywhere for it, needlessly blaming others and then panicking, what do you do?

After calming down, we called around, asking for help (Hubcap Annie’s, Cothron’s and then various automotive stores around town like Pep Boys, Napa, O’Reilly, etc.). No one could do anything. Finally, our go-to mechanic, Gene Johnson Automotive, recommended we try Rent A Tire.

It’s a shop with a lot of chrome, lots of rims, very shiny. Also have tires. But we bypassed all that, and made a beeline for their helpful, efficient mechanic who had the right tools and knew exactly what to do. In about ten minutes, he had all four locking nuts off, with no collateral damage. Problem solved. It was that simple. Cost: $10 per tire, for a total of $40.

10/30/2011 – Gary H. – Regardless of what you need, they have almost everything you could think about in the wheel and tire industry.. If they don’t’ have it, they can get it, and if you want it, then it’s a done deal… I have been getting wheels and tires from here since they have opened, and I will continue to do so… the staff is great, and as long as you make ur payments on time, you are good to go… … Thanks Guys… U ROCK AUSTIN… Keep it Roll’n..


10/19/2011 – Teri H. – I was needing new tires in the worst of ways, literally no tread on the ones I had, and these guys hooked me up with not only great quality tires, but super friendly service!


10/18/2011 – Jacklyn M. – I was driving by RENT A TIRE the other day and thought I would drop by and see what they had and check it out, since I haven’t been there in a while maybe they had some new stuff in. When I went inside the place, it was really cool…a lot of new stuff to look at. The place was pretty busy and they staff there was really nice and helped me with some questions I had..and it seemed like a great place to always come back to. Love the new look. Like the products in there. Got me some rims/tires for my ride and will tell my friends. Had to wait some but WELL worth the wait. The staff was very friendly and helpful.


8/12/2011 – Brian D. – The folks at Rent a Tire were life savers. I bought a truck with locking wheels and no key. In no time (and very cheap) they professionally got the old locking nuts off and quickly put a new set on with a key and at a great great price. All of the folks there were friendly and knew their business. I would highly recommend these folks to meet your wheel, tire needs whether it be repairing or buying.


10/17/2011 – Jovita R. – these guys are great they helped me get nice wheels on my truck. They know a lot about the tire and gave me payment options and I got all 4 rims and tires put on for only 100 bucks


12/21/2011 – Tosha M. – Rent a tire was too cool if u want to ride clean and pay low prices go to rent a tire


12/20/2011 – Laprece B. – They’re great if you want friendly workers and fast service go to this rent a tire they’re the best


12/19/2011 – Lenau B. – I came into rent a tire and the team they got there were so professional, they took care of me and got me in and out…Thank you guys off of crosstimbers, really made me feel comfortable as a customer and appreciated.


12/17/2011 – Lashea M. – Rent a tire is great they helped me with all my questions and got me in and out


12/12/2011 – Kenya W. – Well I’ve been doing business with these guys for almost 3 years. They have always impressed me with their great service. You know how you pay off an account then the company usually doesn’t want anything to do with anymore? Well David has always taken care of me since I have paid off my account! If you need rims and tires, then I highly recommend you go Rent-a-Tire! The location on Crosstimbers make you feel like family, and not like you owe them something.


12/9/2011 – Jessica D. – I got my rims from rent a tire on crosstimbers and I must say these guys are great. The service is friendly and they informed me about everything making me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend them if u are looking to get a new set of wheels. I haven’t had a problem from them and I’ve been dealing with them for months.


12/8/2011 – Teresa C. – I must let the City of Houston know about this location off of Crosstimbers… These guys are the absolute best in their class for wheels and tires. I have been doing business for a long time with Rent A Tire, but this store always goes above and beyond for me. My wheels get washed and tire shined every single time I get service, NO exceptions! The entire crew is always upbeat and friendly. I feel like Family when I walk in with everyone greeting me BY NAME. If you are looking for a 5 star treatment these guys are it! And gals too….sorry Shonna & Nichole! You’ve earned a customer for life and I sending all my fam and friends….. Sincerely Ms. Teresa !


12/6/2011 – Mel C. – Great customer service! ~was a past customer at another location-the services there is not as great as Shona’s Team here….nice to see good teamwork ~which says a lot about the service…..nice & friendly employees = good customer service:)


12/5/2011 – Jennifer O. – I liked way they handle when I have a problem with one of my wheels or tires…they handle up on theirs….der very polite personnel on der team…n always help me out an answer my questions!!!! ya gotta roll by n get yo rydes lookn fly!!!!!!! good lookn out :)))


12/5/2011 – Prisila M. – It is soo cool I love it, It’s the best location my mom and dad could find, especially Shonna would pick up the phone and smile!!


11/23/2011 – Chika R. – I love Rent A Tire especially (Dave) this is my second time doing business with them(so that should say a lot) and the customer service is great thanks to Dave!


11/21/2011 – Jessica R. – I am not a customer at rent a tire but they invited me in for a free balance and rotation on my tires and everyone was extremely friendly they took my car in and did the balance and rotation and even washed my wheels I was blown away I will be a future customer when I need some more wheels. Thanks rent a tire on crosstimbers


11/21/2011 – David R. – The sales guy David ordered my wheels scheduled my appointment at 4 a clock got my car in n out in no time ..wonderful customer service


11/16/2011 – Rodney T. – Went to rent a tire today David And Shona hooked it up , thanks you guys


11/12/2011 – Josh C. – From the first time I went to this location I felt really comfortable, the entire crew greeted me with a smile. I realized the program was so easy to get approved with no credit, easy payment flexibility and same day install. The staff are so cool and down to earth, while still being professional. Whenever u wanna roll big and get good customer service every time go check out that north side rent a tire! By far the best in h town!!


11/10/2011 – Gilbert C. – Shonna & Nicole were great help in choosing tires from my truck. Thank you guys for all the help and support…
I appreciate all your help,
-Gilbert J Cegueda


11/5/2011 – Paul D. – Shonna and David will get you exclusive premium Rims and Tires. Their service is excellent! and most of all no money down !for my Tires and Rims. Bring your vehicle in today and get some new Tires and Rims! They have an extremely awesome team In place with professional service.


11/5/2011 – James F. – Man these people was and efficient…work great as a team to find the rims I wanted. And I’m pretty difficult..but they went above and beyond…everyone was real cool…they really explain how it worked …I was more than satisfied when I left…best store by far…I know I’m gonna get more later too…they how all customer service should be ran


11/5/2011 – L G. – You have to stop by this place!!!! I didn’t want to get rims, but customer service was so great I had to. I love the Manager Shannon. She totally rocks. Go check them out. They move very fast. They will get you rolling no matter what you facing.


10/25/2011 – Robert S. – I don’t know about any other location but this particular Rent a tire branch has gone above and beyond their duty to make sure that the customer is taken care of in a friendly, positive and timely manner. I had a small issue with a payment and the store manager did all she possibly could do to get my payment status back on track, when she really didn’t have to. The employees are also very helpful and throe with all the information you may need to make a purchase. If you want excellent customer service and quality merchandise I strongly recommend that you do business with this location!


10/23/2011 – Michael J. – This past Saturday was my first experience with Rent A Tire. I actually came into the store by chance since I had a flat tire and no spare. No sooner had I stepped foot into the door I had four employees welcoming me. I walked up to one of the associates and told them my situation and without hesitation I was asked for my keys and my car was taken care of. While I was waiting I was asked if I would be interested in a complimentary rotation and balance. Since I was short on time I had to decline. Me being curious I asked the lady behind the counter how exactly you rent a tire. She explained the entire program to me and what stuck out the most was the benefits and how they would take care of me if anything came up such as a replacement tire if I had a blowout. I was in shock that they would want to take care of their customers like that. I explained that when I had time I would be back without a second thought when it comes to my next tire purchase. Before I know it my car is back up front tire fixed and both my wheels and tires were cleaned and looking brand new the techs informed me that all my tires were wearing really well and it would be at least another six months before I would even need to consider buying new tires. The honesty was greatly appreciated since most people are just looking to make a quick buck. When I asked what my bill was the answer was NOTHING.I couldn’t believe it they fixed my tire when I wasn’t even a customer. I was just told they appreciated the chance to earn my business. I just want to thank Rent A Tire and its entire staff on 45 and Crosstimbers for taking care of me. You guys without a doubt made my day and earned yourself a guaranteed future customer.


10/21/2011 – Joel M. – Customer service was great store manager was awesome with all the help I needed


10/5/2011 – Marcus C. – The staff was very friendly expedient and knowledgeable. They made the tire and wheel purchasing experience very pleasurable. I would refer anyone to them. They make it a fun experience with their five star service!!!!!


9/30/2011 – Kirmens K. – Shonna is a sweetheart great customer service


9/12/2011 – Harold H. – New wheels and tired for my ride was very cheap with the low low note. Shonna and David hook the deal even after I wasn’t sure. The customer service level at this location is Amazing. The entire store greets you with a smile and everyone knows my name. I will be a customer here for life and refer everybody to the north side!!


9/5/2011 – Cassandra S. – This particular location has the best customer service they are very friendly…..I am able to get all the help needed….this will be my second account with then and will for sure many more! ;D


9/3/2011 – Andres O. – Good customer service


8/30/2011 – Broderick L. – Service is spectacular…..excellent deal. I recommend you go there……Defiantly will tell my friends and family.


8/23/2011 – Edgardo A. – Great service. very easy process in and out.. had my truck ready to go in no time.. will send people for sure to this location…All the staff was very helpful…


8/23/2011 – Brian A. – They really worked with me. Good people.


8/23/2011 – Gustavo R. – I went in to Rent a Tire and found exactly what I was looking for great hospitality and great service. I was able to choose from a wide variety of fine wheels with no rush at all in making a purchase. once I made my selection the wheels I chose were mounted on my vehicle and I was on my way. Thanks Shonna And Jose for all your help. I recommend you check them out.


8/16/2011 – Cindy H. – This was my second purchase with the store. I went in thinking I could only afford to get tires on 08/11/2011. I was greeted as soon as I walked in. The gentleman who approached me and my family was very courteous. He went above and beyond to get us the deal we needed for the budget we had and now we are riding on new custom tires and rims. The customer service rep name was Jorge and I just wanted to say you don’t get that kind of customer service every day.


8/6/2011 – Angel T. – Rent a tire’s staff and store manager are awesome, they had sold over the phone and still hadn’t even gone in to look, after walking in the store I was helped right away, and got my rims installed right away. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!


8/5/2011 – Josue B. – Employees at rent a tire are very helpful, very polite, specially Jaime and Shanna.


7/9/2011 – Victoria A. –  I am a first time customer and the service was great!! I called one day and the very next day I had my new tires ready and installed!! The service was excellent. Jorge was a great guy, he was nice, friendly and very through. I was very satisfied with all of the gentlemen that helped me at the front desk on 07/09/11. My tires are fantastic. I will definitely be recommending everyone to that specific location just because I know that those men will get the job done and get it done right!! You guys were ALL awesome and seriously made my year SO MUCH BETTER!!!



7/2/2011 – Chris C. – Great service and help…..great prices, what else can I say other then they made u feel like u were at home,thaks a lot guises Dave, and his new manager,mrs.shanda…..


6/27/2011 – Arnaldo A. – Excellent customer service


12/22/2011 – A T. – The staff here at this location are very knowledgeable, friendly and customer oriented. If I have any problems, I’ll always come to this location because I know I’ll be well taken care of!!! And they even made me a fresh pot of. Coffee at 2pm!


12/12/2011 – Jeffery S. – When my wife had a flat on the freeway I called the store and told Reggie my problem . He then sent Gerald and Raul to get the flat tire and take it to the shop and fix it. And then put it back on for my wife. Me and my wife are very happy with the great survive given to us.


7/21/2011 – Denise S. – Our name is Raymond & Denise Sanders and we have been buying our Tires & Rims from Rent a Tire since the early part of 2000. We are very pleased with their service. Their service has gotten even better since our very first visit 11 years ago. We have purchased 17″ Chrome Rims & Tires on our 1990 Honda Civic, 18″ Chrome Rimes & Tires on our 1991 Cadillac Deville, 20″ Chrome Rims & Tires on our 2000 Ford Explorer, 22″ Chrome Rims & Tires on our 2002 Buick Le Sabre, and now we just purchased 26″ Chrome Rims & Tires on our 2005 GMC Yukon! Wow! This is how great they have been to us! We tried Rent N Roll before, we purchased two sets of Chrome Rims from them, but it just wasn’t the same. So we went back to Rent a Tire the people we first started out with. The manager at the store is outstanding (Reggie) he answers your questions, treat you with respect and make you feel like your service is appreciated. Thanks to the Owner, VP, and Regional Manager we met Tues 7/19/2011. They made us feel as if we were Pure Gold!!! A shout out to Henry for first speaking to us about the 26″ and Crystal for sealing the deal! Henry, thank you so much!


12/28/2011 – Juan C. – Rent a tire el mejor lugar donde la verda te ayudan aque obtengas tus rines y llantas a un buen precio y con muy buenas markas sobre todo creanme la verda se garantiso


12/19/2011 – Eric F. – The rent a tire on Southmore was a great fun experience to get my wheels and tires the sales guys Jorge n Jose were very good at helping me out. If you need great service then rent a tire in Pasadena on Southmore is the place to be. Thanks guys’ big help.


12/15/2011 – Sandra G. – It’s an amazing service all the employees treat theirs customers like family I have nothing but great experience with the all team. I love that they always look out for the customers, very professional, respectful and kindness.


12/1/2011 – Don M. – I recently purchase some tires, and rims from the rent a tire location in Pasadena , and I must say the service was outstanding the sales rep, Jorge helped me from start to finish, even giving me advice on which rims would be good for my truck, and on top of that he search other rent a tire locations, to help me stay within my budget, and found the perfect set of rims, and had them shipped to the Pasadena store the same day, and the guys in the shop were very helpful, gave me some hits on how to maintain my rims thanks Jorge and the guys for outstanding service.


11/30/2011 – Ramiro S. – Went in to the store and they helped me and my fiancé right away and didn’t really have to wait .but right off the back the were energetic and a positive attitude they were very helpful and would recommend ppl to go there good customer service there don’t go to edgebrook bad service there


11/15/2011 – Patrick W. – Very helpful and informative! Answered all questions that I had and showed me many different tires and rims that I could choose from. They even brought out the tires and rims and put them up next to my truck so I could get a visual image of what they would like, very helpful! They were also fast with their service. I would recommend anyone that is looking for rims or tires to go here! The employees there were friendly and very easy to deal with, Thanks!


11/3/2011 – Rheba S. – Last week I was looking for tires for my car–mine were bald but I was low on cash I saw the store on Southmore and stopped in to ask about the rental program and I spoke to Jorge and Jose who were both very helpful and explained to me the rental process and soon I was on my way with 4 new tires and much more confidence on travelling the streets on good tires


10/25/2011 – Joni E. – We just went there today and they were great! the minute we walked in they were helpful about all my concerns and questions Jose was the one to help us along with eddie they were all very helpful and they hooked us up with some good looking rims and a very very good price I will definitely refer my friends and family there next time they need rims or tires thanks Rent-a-Tire


10/6/2011 – Rufus W. – I think this is the best time I had purchased wheels and tires in this location, the guys are so friendly starting in the front to the installation part they are spontaneous and professionals, this time I had a little issue with one of my wheels and Jorge did his best to fix it without changing my price I can tell this guys are very cool and they know how to take care of customer… way to go rent a tire !


8/25/2011 – Roxanne R. – I just recently bought some 22” rims for my Nissan maxima and I can honestly say I love them. Usually I’m not too fond of any kind of rim store but the customer service at this location was just great! As soon as I walked in I was greeted and assisted, the customer service was just amazing. I was kind of dreading the time it was going to take to put the wheels on but this place actually surprised me. They had me in and out in about 30 to 45 minutes, and to top it off when the tire techs were done they walked me outside and handed me my keys, they even complimented on how great my car looked. After all that great service I thought I was done, but I looked at my wheels and they looked awesome!!! My rims looked great and my tires were wiped down with armor all… I don’t mean to brag but these guys at this store were unbelievable. From the beginning till the end I was fully satisfied with the service at this store. I was also kind of digging one of the tire techs. 🙂
Anyways I would recommend this store to anyone and everyone!!!


12/17/2011 – Marquis H. – Good customer service


11/28/2011 – Raquel S. – This location is the bomb! They have gone above and beyond for me! Discount tire will never get my business again…especially as long as these guys are in business…I walk in and they know my name….personable…professional…and always knowledgeable! Danny, Javier, Shawn, Brian, and Joe…a great crew!


11/12/2011 – Mallory R. – We came to rent a tire and got a great package deal on rims and tires. Great service, same day installation and cheap payments.


11/11/2011 – Tanner C. – Man what’s the deal its ya boy Tanner Compton in Baytown Texas letting yall boys and girls know Rent a tire… They the real deal anything u need they got and if they don’t they will be glad to get it for u no problem no hassle Joe, Javier, Liz, and Danny (store manager) are awesome people they are very friendly and help u I went in and didn’t know what to get everything looked but they helped me get the right tires and rims for my car and had me rolling in no time and ever since then I get complements like crazy cars looks clean rides good so if you’re looking for rims or tires Rent A Tire Garth road Baytown Texas is the place to go if u do go tell em Tanner Compton told u and they will hook you up for sure.


11/11/2011 – Raquel T. – I had bought some new tires and didn’t have a way to get them home, so Javier and Joe offered to take them to my house even though it was a 45 min drive. very nice workers. I will definitely be telling fam and friends about rent a tire in Baytown


11/11/2011 – Silvano R. – Paid off several wheels ref some customer real good customer service looking forward 2 buying another set soon.


11/11/2011 – Liz L. – The crew at the Baytown location was very helpful and friendly. They help select the perfect wheels for my Accord. Allot of people really like the way my car looks now.

The staff was quick and very professional – I will definitely send my friends and family to go see them.


11/7/2011 – Ricardo R. – I refer all my friends to them . Good on price and great customer service


8/16/2011 – Lissy H. – This place is pretty legit, great customer service! I’d recommend it to anyone, just make sure you say I referred you 😉


12/20/2011 – Brent J. – Outstanding service I will definitely use this company again! Went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend this company to anyone!


6/11/2011 – Angela S –  Their sales personal is very curious and not like other places that they ask for your name they always great me with my name before I get to the counter to make my payments. love the service.


12/27/2011 – Stephanie P. – The team at Rent A Tire on Bellaire HAS to be the best hands down. James, Marc LeBlanc and his excellent team of techs made buying tires smooth and easy. I would suggest this place to ANYONE needing wheels or tires.


7/2/2011 – Juan M. – Es un buen lugar, si estas dispuesto a seguir las reglas el servicio es muy bueno


11/16/2011 – Yesenia S. – If you want EXCLUSIVE customer service with a smile call the boys a Rent A Tire!! I have been doing business with them for 7 years now Just AWSOME we have had a few new faces but Marcus Juan and Jano have always taken excellent care of my SLAB yes can’t trust just anyone with it. If you’re looking to ride and shine hit up Rent A Tire @ 5617 Bellaire anyone else is just wasting your time. It is what is …………


11/6/2011 – Wanda L. – This is my number 1 store these guys are awesome!


11/6/2011 – Alma R. – Rent A Tire is a great place to go for tires and wheels. They have a large selection and are able to install on same day. Shop techs were wonderful and showed the have very good knowledge on the job performance. Will definitely recommend this location for great service!!


11/5/2011 – William S. – Outstanding service. Rotated my tires for free when I wasn’t buying anything.

See Manager Marcus LeBlanc. I watched him deal with several other customers in an honest, straightforward manner.


10/31/2011 – Rhual W. – Great service!! Helped a lot with finding the best wheels & tires for my car.. Will continue to do business with these guys..


6/22/2011 – Chris C. – What it dew h-town, just wanna stop this blank space and give an extra special thanks and huge shout out to David and Shawna for putting me down with my second pair of 24’S on my Tahoe. had some bad luck with the first set but thanks to them, I don’t know what I would have done with getting my second pair. if anyone is looking for some big shoes for them big feet???( rims and tires) hit them boys up cause they will take care of u foe sho!!!!! and make sure u ask for david, mike, or Shawna………..thanks again guys, and I’ll be back, bet dat!!!!! one…………


12/2/2011 – Greg N. – My name is Gregg Narcisse. I went to Rent a tire looking for wheels. I had been just about everywhere. Within a couple hours I had custom wheels for my ride. I’m very satisfied with the service. I would recommend Rent a Tire to anyone looking for wheels. Thanks again Rent a Tire!!!


11/21/2011 – Brandy J. – Everyone at this location is so very helpful. They are all friendly and all give excellent customer service. They will work with you to help you find what you’re looking for.


11/17/2011 – Marcus D. – Went to rent a tire on Bissonnet the crew was very helpful. I was very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone


11/16/2011 – Ana Q. – My name is Ana Cuevas I been doing business with this location. Today we purchase some 22s for my other 300. From the start I was amazed how the crew changed. Everyone in their was well dressed the store manager look so professional he look like a real business men with his slack and some fly Kenneth Cole shoes. This crew treats me like I was at a Bentley dealership. They had nice waiting area and they let me pic my own channel. Yeah I got see my soap opera so cool. The manager who reminded me of the situation from jersey shore brought me some tacos yummy. I will recommend this location to family and friends Luis Tony Steve you have a customer for life. Thank you for the us magazine of Kim Kardashian you gave me Luis I’m sure love your wife loves you have taste in magazines and on wheels and tires. I love my new wheels it looks cute.

11/12/2011 – Dee M. – Steve, Henry, Tony, Oscar and the other guys over at rent & tire are awesome. I am 100% happy with the service that I received n I would recommend family n friends to this location.


11/11/2011 – Pat M. – Had a great experience at this location on getting rims and tires! Steve and Henry did an outstanding job and both were very professional and displayed excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend this location to family and friends!


9/24/2011 – Theresa B. – Service was fast and very friendly staff, Steve and Eddie very nice and helpful


9/16/2011 – Steven T. – I have never received customer service anywhere else that is more satisfactory than rent a tire. The whole staff is great! Steve, Eddie and Henry to name a few. Very, very helpful! With staff like that this location will always exceed standards, even in this though economy. Thanks a lot guys!


8/26/2011 – Mz. B. – I enjoy my service with Steve, very good customer service! Nice, smart attitude.


8/26/2011 – Carey B. – Man check this out…..this is another satisfied “Rent A Tire” customer. Ya’ll need to go check my boy Eddy Torres out on Bissonnet and get plugged in….. Make sure you tell him Blackwood sent ya….Peace!!!!!!


8/26/2011 – Mindy M. –  Yes I love the rims and the service of putting them on was fast and I would recommend this store to my friends and family. Everyone was professional and kind and caring. Eddy Torres the manager was fantastic!


8/26/2011 – Zelvos B. – The service was quick and fast. I’m very happy with my choice in this rent a tire location


8/26/2011 – Ardie B. – I really enjoy doing business with eddie he really knows his stuff. He’s smart and very intelligent, go Eddie!


8/25/2011 – Tyrone B. – Steve help me out his service was awesome.


6/22/2011 – De Ana F. – Great service and the manager and Mr. Shaun are always friendly


6/19/2011 – Henry C. – Great customer service excellent personality makes me feel good when I am in the shop


6/14/2011 – Felipe C. – me gusto la tienda de la bissonnet trabajaron con mi consular y los pagos son bajos. habla con eddie o henry son buena gente…..


6/13/2011 – Alberto C. – Great customer service!!!


6/13/2011 – C T. – This store had great customer service I was able to sit in a waiting room, drink me a soda and watch TV while the techs put on my new wheels and tires. This was an easy buying experience.

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