The Word – Yelp Reviews – Florida

12/19/2011 – Matilda M. –My experience with rent a wheel was awesome n i think all the guys that work there r very cool dwayne,mac,johnny n etc… it’s not my 1st time buyn rims 4rm there I’ve bought 3 set of rims with u guyz already n if i had to buy another set of rims i would go bk to the same place 🙂 i am really happy of the gooooood price i got with u guyz this time can’t complain u guyz r the best :))


12/17/2011 – Angel P. – My experience with Rent a wheel was great!!! Dwayne was awesome and explained everything to me perfectly and i quickly decided after looking at different places that this was where i wanted to get my new rims. Pricing was great as well as financing. The paper work was fast and efficient. I am very pleased with the service and my product!!!!


11/30/2011 – Libiette P. – Went to the store cause i heard about it over the radio. i dropped by to check it out cause I’m most probably getting some rims for my boyfriend for Christmas. The men that helped me were super nice and very informative. I am definitely going back to get them before Christmas!!! you have to check this store out. I was never into rims cause i always knew they were so expensive until i saw that you could actually rent them!!


11/28/2011 – Magaly E. – I recently went to this store. Customer service excellent and I will definitely refer others.


11/21/2011 – Alessandria P. – Every time I go into this store and vie referred someone the guys are super attentive and helpful! every time i need something they let me know they can and will help me, no questions asked. I’m always in and out and i never have a problem! The guys are really funny and make your time there enjoyable.


11/15/2011 – Jennifer G. – The people here at rent a wheel is cool, nice and awesome and very friendly and they gave me great customer service every-time i come to the store and rent something. they are all very well dressed and professional looking and they keep there store always nice and clean for whoever comes to the store. especially the store manager he’s a cool and awesome guy and funny too. and the assistant manager is very very nice and sweet and very cool to be around with. and Johnny is very nice and understandable and very help full but he can be annoying at times but in a good way but he is a very nice a sweet person to and everyone in this store will help you if anything if you need it. they will be there for you.


9/24/2011 – Brittany R – This place is great if you need rims and/or tires. The service is great and everyone is very friendly. The assistant manager Dwayne is very professional and has a great personality. Come to the store and ask for him. You won’t be disappointed!

Brittany R.


9/17/2011 – Jan F. –If you ever need rims, tires then this is the place to stop. The staff is very friendly and informative. I was able to purchase my tires, and they offer you 90 days same as cash. Dwayne was very helpful and he explained the whole process to me.


9/17/2011 – Tania M. –Everyone was very friendly and had great work ethic dwayne the one who assisted us was very understanding honest and extremely helpful definitely a great experience.


9/3/2011 – Charles B. –Customer service at this store was great. I went in to compare prices only The store manager Armando and salesman Dwayne. was very professional and polite answering all of my questions without hesitation
The attitude of the other employees showed a great wholesome atmosphere. I commend the entire store. The quality of service overwhelmed me. These employees are a great asset to this company.

Thank You

Charles B.


7/1/2011 – Ashley G. –This is one store that i have been able to go in and actually build a relationship with the staff…the staff is young and very energetic always providing excellent customer service. I would def recommend this store to others and i will also be conducting business with them in the future again.


11/22/2011 – Kevin C. – I feel like the people at rent a wheel are like family members that i never knew about, they are the greatest. ( Vinnie, rice Chris, even Sergio) i couldn’t have done business with a better set of gentlemen, words can’t explain how cool and understanding they are..true words from my heart i would and do recommend rent a wheel to everyone young and old


10/13/2011 – Richard C. – I purchase 2 sets of wheels in the past year. I have also referred friends and co-workers. Each time a person I referred purchased a set of wheels I received a $50 referral. I also had a blow-out on my tire and Rent A Wheel gave me a free tire. I also love the free rotation, balance and flat repair for life. This company has excellent programs. I also have to say that the Store Manager, Vincent Vitale, was very helpful. He explained everything in detail about Rent A Wheel. He seems to really know his stuff. I will continue referring people to your store.

Richard C.


8/22/2011 – Luana D. – I recently purchased a car and felt I needed new wheels and tires for my Cadillac. I went to Rent A wheel in Hollywood, FL. I was approached by a gentlemen by the name of Vincent Vitale. He was very Helpful. That is why I am writing this review. I believe that when someone gives excellent service it should be acknowledged. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right wheels and tires for my car. Not only was I happy with the service, I am also happy with what I purchased. I will tell all my friends and co-workers about Rent A Wheel.

Ms. Decker


8/15/2011 – Angelique A. – Very pleasant store to deal with. They always have good deals and will work with you on your down payments. My salesperson was Chris and he was very knowledgeable on the products he offered me.


12/13/2011 – Michael S. – My experience at Rent a Wheel was a PLEASANT one! My husband and I went in and the staff immediately waited on us. They were very helpful and much too informative, WHICH IS A GREAT THING, if you don’t know much about tires, rims, or sensors! I, myself, would have never thought about going to Rent a Tire to get wheels for my vehicle….. But I did and it’s not all what I assumed! The crew there is awesome and professional! I’m very pleased with my new wheels!


11/22/2011 – N K. – I had a chance to stop by the store, the staff was friendly, and they explained to me how the program works and they had a lot of selection of wheels.
I’m just waiting on my income tax and definitely going back there to get me some wheels and tires.
the store was clean and they had Christmas lights and music, thanks guys for the experience and see you soon.


11/15/2011 – J J. – Great customer service. Tito and Nas are really helpful. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase wheels and tires.


11/15/2011 – Connie B. – I am a complete rookie when it comes to wheels. Nas and company took good care of me and answered all of my questions. When my wheels had to be ordered they were delivered within 2 business days. The customer service is on point and everyone is nice and knowledgeable. The location is convenient and clean inside. Rent A Wheel all the way!!


11/11/2011 – C J. – Great place to get wheels and tires. The store is nice, clean and the staff was helpful. and i luv the 90 days cash price. Thanks….. C.J


11/9/2011 – Mike J – The experience was great, the sales guys were so helpful and was fast and easy.
I love my wheels and tires and i will recommend the store to all my friends.


11/7/2011 – Alex R. – Well the sales staff was amazing, great and courteous. they are multi-talented with dealing with different races of people at the same time! they also worried about how we were doing mean while we waited for the service to be over. I’m definitely coming back for a second pair of wheels for my wife’s car!!


8/26/2011 – Jon F. – I went in for some tires and not only did they take care of me the guys covered the program with me and put me at ease. Oscar & Tony made it soooo easy!!!!


8/25/2011 – Deone W. – The store is clean and friendly the staff was helpful and gave me many options for my cars wheels.


11/19/2011 – Cindy C. – Awesome place for wheels and tires…. I have gotten two sets from them…. Each time i have been up there i was happy with the service.. didnt have to wait long and they know what they are doing… If you are looking for rims and tires this is the place to go….It dont get any better than this place


11/11/2011 – John D. – I had a great experience at Rent A Wheel. I didnt have to wait long at all. They have a big selection to choose from. New and used. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. They treat you with respect. The product they either sell or rent is top notch. I even had a small issue with one wheel i purchased and they ordered me a new one, without delay. Great job if you’re looking for a new set of rims,go see the guys at Rent A Wheel in new port richey, won’t be disappointed at all.

11/2/2011 – Veronica G. – The GUYS here are INCREDIBLE. I have NEVER had better service for anything. I bought all new tires for my husband and his “BABY” the DURANGO and the first week a nail was picked up off US 19 and they put a NEW tire on ASAP with NO “RED TAPE” B.S. I totally recommend RENT A WHEEL in New Port Richey and get the tire guarantee worth the peace of mind. Thanks GUYS your worth the DRIVE.

“Jersey girl” Veronica and Gregg

10/29/2011 – Steve K. – I bought wheels from this store there service was the best experience 100% happy with the buying process and service the manager and staff were the best people I have ever done business with. Awesome job I will tell all my friends coworkers etc. If you need wheels and tires go to this place Rent A Wheel they are professional friendly and easy to work with. It was a pleasure to do business with this company they blew me away and exceeded all my expectations. A job well done my sincere gratitude for all there service this is top notch. Thank You / Steve Kemp


9/20/2011 – Christine K. – The Store is very clean and the employees and Ronnie were very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me pick the right type of tires and rims for my car I got a great deal. if you thinking of renting tires and rims you would be very pleased with their service. i recommend there services highly.
Thanks Guys!


9/11/2011 – Karen Y. – My name is Karen Y and my fiancé was interested i n some wheels and tires for his vehicle. I wanted to surprise him so I visited the Rent A Wheel in NPR. The staff there was very knowledgeable and helpful. The manager Ronnie was extremely nice and seemed to have a grasp on everything going on in the store. I noticed that he and his staff greeted their customers by name with big smiles. This along with the help they provided me, created a very positive CUSTOMER SERVICE experience. I want everyone to know that if they need wheels and tires to go see these guys. Even though I didnt purchase any wheels I gained a lot of knowledge from the staff and a new respect for a group of true professionals. Thank you guys!!!!

9/4/2011 – Rain Y. – What can I say…..EXCELLENT customer service!! The entire staff is wonderful. If you are looking for a great product at a great and affordable rate, then you have to check this place out! We purchased our son’s rims & tires for his first car here and could not be happier! They all stayed late and after regular working hours to ensure that we got our new tires & rims that evening! You don’t find that anywhere! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for either rims and/or tires! If they don’t have what you are looking for in stock, they will find it for you too! THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! I will definitely be back!!! THANKS RENT-A-WHEEL!!!

7/1/2011 – Justin O. – I’ve been a customer for almost 3 years now…no matter what you want, Ronnie and his guys will get it for you ASAP! Once again great job Rent a Wheel!

6/30/2011 – Amy D. – I have been a customer with rent a wheel for about 2 years now. They are absolutely wonderful. Ronnie is an amazing manager. As well as randy rashad john n will are all wonderful employees. Every time i come in there always nice and kind to me it is such a pleasant environment to be in. They always get things done n do a great job. I will continue to be a customer at rent a wheel and refer as many friends’ n family members as i can. Keep it up guys ur doing great.

Amy Dillingham

6/30/2011 – Shon S. – THESE GUYS ARE THE BOMB!! I just bought my second set of wheels from them today and there is no one who can compare in knowledge, price OR service! The whole crew treats me like family every time I walk in the door. I refer all friends and family to them because THERE IS NO ONE BETTER!!! Thanks again guys for an awesome deal!!


11/25/2011 – Karina S. – Wonderful customer service, affordable, they really do take care of their customers…..


11/24/2011 – Nattasha L. – Thanks again rent a wheel for your great customer services and friendly atmosphere.. And my car looks great thanks Rent A Wheel


11/22/2011 – Faykesha H. – Rent a wheel hooked me up. Left me looking nice y’all check em out thanks rent a wheel!!


9/13/2011 – Danny E. – I have been doing business for a month now, and I would say that I am completely satisfied with the service I have received from Tony and Israel, I had a lot of concerns and questions and they had all information I was looking for, they made me feel very comfortable and at ease, after all I trusted them with two new cars and they made them look AWESOME! Thanks Guys!!


9/3/2011 – Kari K. – Love this place!!!! I wanted to get rims and tires for my G37…I met with Tony…he is the man!!!! This place is great…they make you feel like family and treat you with respect. Tony made sure the rims and tires looked right and made sure the fit was correct. I will come back and also refer anyone I know who is looking for rims to come here!!!!! Thanks guys!!!

8/26/2011 – Anais H. – Great business & great staff with great customer service skills. I’m a returning customer & have always been satisfied with their merchandise. I’m glad my dad referred me to them.

8/5/2011 – Shawn L. – Rent A Wheel is a great place to buy rims!!!! The people who work there make u feel like family!!!! Highly recommend them great people an very helpful!!! will do bus. again any time!!! Thank You!!!

12/28/2011 – A T. – 2 weeks ago I was in need of 4 new tires REALLY bad. I was very ashamed having to rent but what the heck safety is first. I called rent a wheels off Semoran….the guys had nothing but great kind customer services; they went over all the docs that’s needed. The next day I stop by to check the store out…my luck they were close at 9 am….however the manager came outside to greet me…he was kind with an outstanding attitude. I told him what type of tires I was requesting…this store had none… The manager called around to others stores to find them. Later that day one of the staff called me to let me know they found my tires to come in. When I arrive later that even the staff and manager had nothing but SUPER!! CUSTOMER SERVICE. It was after hours the staff worked as a team. All personal docs are secure so no identity is stolen. They explain everything word from word….page to pages. They make you feel at home….It’s clean and don’t smell…I highly recommend everyone to buy or rent from RENT A WHEELS…off South Semoran..You would like the service they provide.



12/28/2011 – Tommy E. – I’m a customer at rent a wheel. I brought a set of rims and tires for my lexus 2 years ago. I just recently went back and brought 4 new tires, because the service they gave me was great. AJ the manger there make me feel like I’m a customer there for 100 years. Great service. Would definite recommend anyone there, which I did already. Thanks AJ.


12/16/2011 – Annette R. – I really had a great experience at rent of wheel. I recommend any one who needs tires or rims to go there and ask for AJ. He will treat u right! Great customer service! I give him an A plus! Keep up the good work!!!!


11/30/2011 – Dean R. – I was in a tough spot financially and needed tires for my car. The rent a wheel staff was very friendly and easy to talk to. They made sure I got a great set of four tires and put them on my car as soon as I arrived. I love the 90 days same as cash option and plan on bringing in my other car in Feb. Thanks for the great service, Dean

10/20/2011 – Johnny L. – They are good people! I was out of town on business when my wife had tire issues (we know how much woman like to visit mechanic shops) and on top of that she did not know where the warranty papers were, they still took care of it and waited till I got back.

9/30/2011 – Lisa S. – AJ was really helpful. I was impressed by the deal and the customer service I received. AJ’s ability to multitask was awesome. Not a lot of men have that. LOL That’s why he’s in his position. Thanks guys!!


8/2/2011 – Abigail H. – I have to say that, “Rent a wheel” saved me ,i didn’t know where else to turn to ,when i realized i couldn’t afford to pay for- four brand new tires all at once. The customer service was absolutely the BEST I’ve seen in a while. A.J was the name of the gentleman who helped me, and he really made my trip worth every minute. The whole team was professional, and i was more than pleased, I even got a follow up phone call to see my ride was feeling! I love Rent a Wheel keep up the great work! i really did find myself telling people about my experience. Thank you again.


6/29/2011 – Marisol R. – These guys are awesome!! Everyone there took care of me with friendly and fast service!! My car looks Sick!! Thanks to them!! 🙂


7/5/2011 – Jack B – Honest and reliable. Mike and his staff are the absolute best in central Florida. I have been doing business there for the last 3 years and will not buy tires anywhere else. Best prices! Best service! Best value!


7/4/2011 – Sheena W. – I’ve been doing business now with this company for the past 5 years and it’s been great especially with the help of the manager (mike) he’s been great with helping me find exactly what fits my taste in wheels….I’ll recommend this store to anyone.

7/1/2011 – Hilroy 0. – Rent A Wheel earned my business several years ago from Discount Tire by treating me like a valued Customer. Very professional family environment. If you need wheels and tires, this is the place to go. Best prices and service around. The store manager and staff is always a pleasure to work with.

Hilroy Orr
Kq Customz President


12/22/2011 – Jason J. – Absolutely amazing customer service! I went in expecting to pay a lot of money for tires but they truly looked out for me. The service was great and I was in and out in about an hour with my fresh new tires to hit the road to Chicago. I will always do business with them. They were wonderful!


11/17/2011 – Erin R. – Great customer service


10/27/2011 – Nicole S. – I had a tire problem and called to ask if they had what I needed and the staff handled my question immediately and with efficiency. They took the time to help me and now I will definitely buy my tires from them! Bill, the manager, went out of his way to personally help me out and the rest of his staff were so nice! This is a great place to buy your tires and rims, they are courteous, and don’t mind going the extra mile for their customers! I didn’t think we had customer service in this country but Rent A Wheel in Sanford proved me wrong!
Keep up the good work!

10/9/2011 – Kristen Z. – What a great place to go and purchase tires….the transaction was quick and very little waiting time for them to install my tires. I would have never thought to purchase tires from them before, but I am glad that I did. I chose the 90 days same as cash and did all of my homework before I purchased them to make sure that I was getting a fair price. Better than that I got the best price and service. Bill, the manager was beyond helpful and he made the tire buying experience a lot less painful. I would recommend them to anyone!!!!

9/21/2011 – Roy L. – About a month ago I was on my way to my regular tire shop to buy a new set of tires. On the way there one of my tires had a blowout. I had to think fast. I remembered that there is a tire store buy the grocery store I shop at and it was right around the corner. So i went there instead. I was greeted as soon as i walked in. They pulled my car in and told me there was nothing they could do to fix that tire so I asked for a tire quote. They got the price together and i couldn’t believe it, it was a little cheaper than my old tire place. I say old because I’m going here from now on. The price was good, The staff helpful and funny, and i feel like I left there a smarter person.


11/25/2011 – Laverick R. – I called rent a wheel two weeks ago looking for wheel for my car my bolt pattern was hard to locate. i talked to MJ and he was helpful locating me a set of wheels that was in my budget. we stayed in communication until my car was fixed now i have my wheel in my budget and my car looks great-very happy. thanks rent a wheel.


11/1/2011 – Britt L. – These guys were great! Very knowledgeable about what they’re selling. There customer service was outstanding! They have the best selection of rims and tires with easy payment terms and fast qualification process.

10/20/2011 – Rolanda R. – Great service the guys that work there have a good chemistry. The rims look fabulous on my car. I can’t say enough about this place!

9/28/2011 – Meghan A. – Wow! What a wonderful staff! The customer service techs are the most polite and knowledgeable guys I’ve ever encountered! I received a great price on the wheels and tires of my dreams! Thanks everyone! Keep up the great work!


9/28/2011 – Amy G. – The store had what I was looking for in stock and was eager to help me.

9/28/2011 – Isaac P. – Great selection. easy to buy. They gave me 90 days same as cash. Awesome crew

9/21/2011 – Samuel S. – Great customer service


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